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The Fallacy of Saving Time

I’ve heard people argue, sometimes quite passionately, that if you shave a second or two off a task then you’ll hit that traffic light at the right moment, get off that train/bus/elevator and not have to wait as long for the next one, or have more time (or so I’ve been told) to focus on important things.

So what?

Think about it for a moment or three. All that rushing. All that mental effort. What does it really amount to? Will you actually be using the time you save productively? Probably not. You’ll be offbetter focusing all that energy elsewhere. Or not expend it at all.

Take the time you think you’re saving and actually use it productively. Think. Reflect. Relax. Read. Slow down. Contemplate a problem rather than poring over it. Write or tap something into your diary. Enjoy the view.

Don’t worry about filling the empty space. Your mind will do that for you.

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