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Dealing With the Freeze

The freeze I’m talking about is the inability to do something. In this case, something that you both want and need to do.

Over the last week or so, I froze. I just couldn’t sit in front of any of my laptops to do work. Heck, I could barely turn a laptop on, no matter how much I wanted to. I didn’t even write an entry in my journal over that time.

The problem wasn’t writer’s block. I rarely get hit by that. Instead, it was a sense of being overwhelmed. Right now, I’m coming to the end of a corporate gig. On top of that, I’m trying to prepare for a big move overseas. If that wasn’t enough, I’m also grappling with a couple of ebooks and trying to write enough blog posts so that I can let them publish while I’m in the process of moving.

Stressed only scratches the surface of how I was feeling.

So, how did I deal with this particular freeze? Normally, I’d just punch through it. I’d force myself to sit down, turn on a laptop, and write. Something. Anything. I’d edit it later. This time, I decided to let myself go with the flow. I didn’t get any work done, but I was able to refresh my mind and let the freeze thaw. It wasn’t easy —I really wanted to punch through. But I held back.

It worked. I’m rapidly getting back to where I was both mentally and with work. I needed the break and, for once, I listened to what my body and my brain were telling me.

I really need to do that more often …

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