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You Don't Need To Have It All

Earlier today, I read an article at technology news site The Next Web about a demonstration of Google Docs. I have to agree with the title of that post: the demo was pretty cool.

But it was what the writer stated in the lead paragraph of the article that got me thinking:

Google Docs is one of those things that we tend to use daily but don’t get the full experience. I know that I personally don’t use all of its capabilities, especially when it comes to collaboration.

Guess what? Most people don’t, and never will, need to get the full experience. No amount of cool demos will change that.


Not everyone knows about, uses, or needs to use many of the more advanced features of the software and web apps that are available. A couple of examples for you:

I know a number of Gmail users who never turn on anything in Gmail Labs (a set of experimental features that extend Gmail’s capabilities).

I’m considered a fairly advanced user of such software as LibreOffice Writer and Microsoft Word. But there are features that I rarely, if ever, touch and probably never will.

Not everyone uses a tool in the same way. Some people may need the full gamut of features, and will find workarounds if the tool (and it’s not just software!) they use can’t quite do a particular job. Others just need enough to get a job done. It’s all a matter of your tool being suitable for the tasks you regularly tackle. I’ll be discussing that idea in a future post in this space.

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