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I Live My Life, I Don't Stream It

I don’t blog or tweet about every little thing I do. I don’t share every photo that I take on Flickr or Google+. I don’t obsessively tweet or check in. I don’t let the world know that I cut five minutes off my commute time or that I finally cranked out 200 pushups.

None of that.

I live my life. I don’t stream it. I don’t obsessively record it. While I might post the occasional photo or blurb on Twitter, it’s not a regular occurence.

I take in experiences. I do things. I go places. I have fun. I stumble and fall, then pick myself up and keep going.

While I like my life, I don’t think it’s important enough or interesting enough to keep a detailed public record of it.


Because I’m sure that nothing that I do or have done is of much interest to the rest of the world. And because my life is no one’s business but my own.

Sadly, not enough people see it that way. The go to lengths to trumpet every little triumph, every little milestone, every little goal achieved. It’s as if they’re starved to attention or affirmation and are turning to the world (or, at least, their corner of the online world) to get that attention or affirmation.

They don’t realize that few, if any, people really care. And by care, I mean take a deep interest in what they’re doing, take those triumphs and goals and milestones belonging to a stranger to heart. Those triumphs and goals and milestones don’t always resonate with other people. On one side, it’s like an exercise in ego massage and attention seeking. On that other side, it’s hollow cheerleading.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t keep some kind of record of what you do. I do. I just don’t make 99.99% of what I do public. Most of the photos that I snap I store in Dropbox or on my computer. I keep a very personal journal that tracks some of what I’ve done. I write notes to jog my memory. But all of that is done for me and, perhaps, the people close to me.

No one else needs to know or needs to be involved. Chances are, they wouldn’t be interested anyway.

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