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Making Your Goals Public

You’ve probably heard people talk about that. Supposedly, making your goals public somehow, magically makes you more accountable and more likely to complete those goals.

When someone tells me that, my reply is What’s the point?

Accountability is a crock (more on that in a future post). Making your goals public doubly so.

No matter what most people say, deep down they don’t care about you and whether or not you achieve your goals.

Often, by publicizing your goals you’re opening self up to ridicule and scorn. If don’t achieve those goals, you’re seen as failure and that your efforts leading up to that supposed failure were worthless.

But that’s not true. Not in the least. There are going to be times when you don’t reach your goals or your targets.

On top of that, most people misunderstand failure. It’s not something to be proud of, but failure can be useful if you learn something from the experience of not reaching a goal.

Your goals and targets are private. They’re personal. They’re no one’s concern but your own.

Don’t waste your time or energy making them public. Instead, use that time and that energy in the pursuit of your goals. It’s definitely time and energy better spent.

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