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Just Because Something Doesn't Suit Your Needs ...

Doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for someone else. But if you pay attention to way in which people rate, and complain, about so many things — ranging from software to mobile devices to kitchen tools — you get the impression that those things are universally useless or lacking.

Well, that might be the case. But with a caveat: those things aren’t suitable for the person making the comment. And, maybe, for people like him or her. That doesn’t mean those things aren’t of use to others.

I know, for example, a number of fans of Evernote who deride Simplenote as an inferior tool. They have a number of reasons to back up that claim. But let’s be honest: not everyone is going to take advantage of all the features and functions that Evernote packs. For tapping out snippets of text, copying links, or saving quotes, Evernote is overkill. Simplenote, on the other hand, is perfect for that. And more.

Something that many of us, myself included, seem to forget is that not everyone has the same needs. While one app or service or tool or device might not meet the needs or expectations of one person. But that doesn’t mean it won’t meet yours. The only way you can find out is to give it a serious, open-minded try. After that, you’ll be in a better position to judge.

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