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Expertise and Me

I’m not a guru.

I’m not a Jedi.

I’m not a rock star.

I’m not a ninja.

I’m not a superhero.

And with many (if not most) things I do, I’m definitely not an expert.

Whenever I tell people that, they’re shocked. Some are even a tad offended. And they’re even more offended when I say that the latest terms used for self aggrandizement are a load of bollocks.

And I don’t understand why they react that way.

It’s not that I’m being modest or self effacing. I’m telling the truth. That truth is simple: I know a lot about any number of things. That includes areas where I’m definitely not an expert. In some cases (maybe a few more than some) I might have deep knowledge and some deeper insights. But, again, I’m no expert.

To me, expertise is synonymous with mastery. Often, I haven’t achieved a level of mastery. I still have a lot to learn. And that’s what keeps me interested.

With me, that’s what you get. Someone who is able to learn. Someone wants to learn and, more importantly, enjoys learning. On that journey of learning, I’m able to gain more insights and (I hope) see things from a perspective that’s different from that of other folks.

Maybe one day I will achieve the vaunted status of expert. I hope not. Why? Because it’ll stop being fun if that happens.

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