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No Technology Will Give You a Killer Existence

People always talk about the killer app, but this is more a killer lifestyle. It’s a killer existence.
Georgia Tech professor Thad Starner on Google Glass

No device or app or technology is going to give you a killer existence (whatever that is). It doesn’t matter how cutting edge that tool is. It doesn’t matter what nifty features it has. Your existence, your life is (or, at least, should be) based on something deeper.

Having that killer existence, having a deep and meaningful life, depends on you. On your goals. On how you live your life.

Technology has nothing to do with it. All those apps and devices are just adornment. Unless you’re actively involved in your own life —doing things, trying things, meeting and interacting with people, falling and picking yourself up, enjoying yourself —every app or gadget in existence won’t make your life any better.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Scott Berkun that sums my thoughts about this subject up quite nicely:

Exactly ZERO of my life ambitions depend in any way on which operating system or mobile phone I use.

A simple truth, but one which many of us tend to overlook or forget.

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