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Before You Go and Investigate ...

Many of us feel compelled to continually investigate tools, systems, and techniques in the hope that they’ll make us more productive. All in the hope that they’ll help us do more work, and do that work more efficiently.

Everyone wants to stumble upon that magic tool or system or technique that will solve all of our problems and enable us to get more done. That we’ll find that silver bullet to all our life’s woes (both real and imagined).

Taking a peek at something new from time to time is fine. But it can become an obsession. You can spend a lot of time reading, investigating, testing, and repeating the cycle. That’s time better spent actually doing something worthwhile. Or doing nothing at all.

Before you do any investigating, and before becoming obsessed, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I looking at this?
  • How will it benefit me?
  • Is it work my time learning a new system or tool? Or can I tweak the tools I use or the way I do things to get the same results?

Take time to honestly answer those questions. The answers may surprise you.

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