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Do You Really Need to Put Your Productivity On Steroids?

I don’t know how often I see blog posts with titles like How to Quickly Boost Your Productivity or Supercharge Your Productivity in a Week or 5 Easy Ways to Double Your Productivity.

Too often for my taste.

We all want to be more productive. But do you need to double your productivity? Do you need to put your productivity on what’s the equivalent of steroids?

You don’t.

You may get more done, but as I keep stressing is that more actually work or tasks that are important? Or is it just a bunch of jobs that you feel that you need to get through? Chances are a good portion of those tasks fall into the second bucket.

Unless you’re starting from nothing or next to nothing, chances are that trying to increase your productivity will only increase your workload. It will definitely decrease the time that you can spend on more important things. Like what? Not just important tasks, but time spent with family and friends. Time spent resting. Time spent reflecting. There’s nothing more important than any of those activities.

It doesn’t matter how much you do. What matters is quality. Strive for quality in what you do and you’ll be ahead of the majority of people, not matter how productive they are or how productive they think they are.

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