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Don't Be Afraid to Shuffle Your To-Do List

No matter how bullet proof your to-do list is, no matter how well focused it is, there will be times when you you just can’t finish every task that you’ve set for yourself.

You might be tired. You might be lacking focus due to a minor illness or being dehydrated. Something in your life — whether minor or major —might step into your path and block you from doing your work.

For the most part, that’s not a bad thing. You’re often dealing with circumstances beyond your control. You’re human. You can only do so much.

So, what can you do? Instead of agonizing about being unproductive, take matters into your own hands. Shuffle your to-do list.

What do I mean by that? Move the task that you couldn’t get done to tomorrow or the next day. But don’t move it too far into the future, or it will become something you never get to.

Doing that may mean you need to shuffle other tasks around, too. And that’s fine. To a point, of course. Again, don’t move those tasks too far into the future. If you need to, work an hour or two longer than you normally would to get back on track.

Just don’t make a habit of shuffling your tasks. Do it only when you need to, not when you feel like doing it.

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