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Embracing Your Ignorance

We can’t know it all. We can’t even come close. No matter how intelligent you are (or think you are), there are going to be gaps in your knowledge. Gaps that will be rather large in many cases.

But you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to turn the situation to your advantage. It’s an opportunity to improve. It’s an opportunity to learn more.

So, walk the path of the philomath and embrace your ignorance.

You don’t always need to become an expert. You can gain as much or as little knowledge as you want to need. You can read widely and in depth, or gain a solid working knowledge of something.

And you don’t always need to learn to advance your career and your studies. You can do it to improve yourself. You can learn something to get away from work, to get away from the daily grind of tasks and hacking your life. It’s time better spent.

Think about something that you’ve learned in the past. A language, knowledge of a period history, how to repair a bicycle. So you remember the feeling of wonder you felt when you started out? Do you remember how gratifying it felt to be learning something new? It’s that kind of emotion and enthusiasm that makes embracing your ignorance worthwhile. As long as the emotion and enthusiasm are genuine (and you shouldn’t try to fake either), then you’ll learn more.

Not knowing is nothing to be ashamed of. Be willing to embrace your ignorance and banish it. By doing that, you’ll become a more well-rounded person and gain quite a degree of satisfaction while you’re at it.

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