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Why I Never Write "Must Have" Or "Must Do" Posts

You know the type I mean. Posts or articles with titles like 5 Tools You Must Have to Boost Your Productivity or 6 Things You Must Do to Become Awesome at Anything.

Why don’t I write those kinds of posts or articles? Simple. I don’t know what you need or what you need to do. When I write about tools or applications, I’m exploring ones that are right for me. They may not be right for your needs.

Instead, I try to suggest tools or techniques that you might find useful. I try to point out something that you might not have heard of before and give you the opportunity to explore something new.

The only exception is the articles that I write for print and online publications. If you look at my list of published credits you’ll see articles with titles like “Eight Must-Have Firefox Extensions” or “5 Must-Have Chromebook Apps for Work”. Those titles came about because of an editorial change or decision. In many cases I was either assigned to write an article with that title or an editor changed the title before publication.

I’m not conceited or arrogant enough to believe that I know what’s right for you. When I did technology goaching, I talked about partnership, not prescription. I take stock of a client’s needs. Then, based on those needs, I recommended the tools and services that I believe are best suited to them.

Whenever I write, I try to make informed suggestions. If you find what I suggest useful, then that’s great. I’m happy to have helped. If not, it’s a matter of nothing ventured nothing gained.

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