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Do You Really Need To "Get More Done"?

We all think that at one time or another. Yes, regardless of what I say, I do too sometimes.

But do you really need to get more done? Do you have that many tasks on your lists? Are they tasks that must be completed? Are they tasks that matter, or will you be toiling on the productivity assembly line?

For years, I felt that I needed to get more done. More writing. More work around the house. Learning more. All of that sort of thing. Task upon task, job upon job. A grind that seemed to never end.

As you can imagine, I was unhappy and frustrated with the amount I wasn’t doing. But as the years passed, I realized that most of what I thought I wanted to do didn’t really matter. A majority of those tasks weren’t important. They weren’t worthwhile. They were just me filling what I assumed to be dead time.

Instead of thinking about doing more, think about doing things better. Focus on what matters. Trim your task list down to what’s essential, to what you need to do and not just what you want to do. Discard those small, time-filling tasks. You might not get more done, but your focus will be quality rather than quantity. And that’s the way it should be.

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