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It All Lies With You

Shifting blame. It’s so easy, so convenient, and sometimes even heartening.

No matter what happens — whether it’s something big or something small — many of us find it that it’s easier to point out fingers at someone else for our failures or failing.

But that doesn’t make it right.

Your successes. Your failures. What you do right and what you do wrong. All of that is no one’s responsibility but your own. You can blame others and you can blame your circumstances all you want. It doesn’t help.

The responsibility for what you’ve done, what you’ve failed at, what you struggle with lies with you. And you alone.

You need to do more than listen to criticism. You need to be receptive to the right criticism. The kind that’s meant to help you improve, and not cut you down, You need to be willing to make the changes to the way that you do things and to your life. Until you do, nothing will change. Nothing will get better. You won’t grow as a person.

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