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Taking the Simple Path

I take quite a bit of heat about the ideas around productivity that I advocate — both on this blog and offline. Often, that criticism amounts to some people equating simple with a four-letter word. Some of my critics delight in pointing out edge cases that I (and many others) would rarely or ever encounter. A few even make plaintive cries about needing a more comprehensive framework for productivity. Yes, someone did say that to me …

All that criticism doesn’t matter. Why? Because simplicity works. At least, it works for me. And that’s what’s important.

Maybe I’m not doing as much as some folks are. Maybe I’m not doing as much as some folks think I should be doing. That’s OK. I feel good about what I’m doing. I’m finishing what I need to finish. I’m not scrambling. I’m not trying to fill my free time up with tasks. I’m not toiling on the productivity assembly line.

By taking the simple path, my personal and professional lives are much less stressful. I’m doing what matters to me. I’m finishing work that means something to me. In the end, isn’t that what productivity is all about?

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