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Choosing Simple Isn't Admitting Defeat

Over the years when I’ve talked about simplicity, one of the more negative reactions that I’ve constantly received (and continue to receive) was that I by choosing simplicity I was admitting defeat.

I was admitting that I couldn’t keep up.

I was admitting that life or technology or something else was just too much for me.

I was admitting that I feared change or something new.

The people who said that were wrong. They still are.

Simple isn’t admitting defeat. Not by a long shot.

Opting for simplicity doesn’t mean you fear something. Or anything.

Opting for simplicity means that you recognize that complex solutions, complex technologies, and complexity in general doesn’t suit you. You understand that complexity and waste can go hand in hand. You understand that more isn’t necessarily better.

Simplicity is a more sustainable path. It’s more a viable path. It embraces the fact that you don’t need every bell and whistle to get your work done or just to live a good life.

Simplicity is understanding what is enough. Nothing more, nothing less.

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