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Putting "Life Changing" Into Perspective

Late last year, this tweet crossed my Twitter stream:

Life changing?

Did Evernote’s business card scanner truly change that tweeter’s life? I doubt it. I probably made collecting and retrieving contact information easier. But changing their life on a profound, meaningful level? I doubt it.

Sadly, I hear things like that all the time. How a piece of technology or a new feature in a tool is life changing. It isn’t. That tool, that feature might make it a little easier to perform a task, but it’s doutbful that it changed your life.

Saying something like that devalues the idea behind life changing.

When something is life changing, it does what it says on the tin. It makes you re-evaluate what’s important to you. It makes you stop and consider the direction your life is taking. It forces you to make fundamental changes to yourself, to the way you lead your life. Everything is shifted sideways. With any luck, for the better.

That’s life changing.

Being able to scan business cards with your phone just ain’t it.

I look back on my life and I can point to several life-changing moments. Getting married. My daughter’s autism diagnosis. Emigrating to New Zealand. Events that shook up my life. Events that forced me to adjust. Events that forced me to grow.

No app, no tool could duplicate any of that. Ever.

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