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Enough With the Art Already!

Sometimes, a word or a phrase can set me off. And sometimes with good reason. One of those words is art. Especially when it’s paired with something innocuous or everyday.

I keep hearing phrases like The art of leisure, The art of relaxation, The art of fun or The art of productivity bandied about. I’m sure you’ve heard art used that way more times than you can remember, too.

I just want it to stop. Why? It’s all a way of trying to add mystique, cachet, deep allure to something that doesn’t need it. Referring to something as an art when it isn’t smacks of being a marketing ploy aimed at people who are very time poor. Or who can’t decide how to use their time.

There’s no art in leisure of relaxation. Productivity isn’t an art. Neither is going to see a movie. There’s little art in cooking and enjoying a simple meal. But far too many people have become disconnected from the simple things in life. What was once common for many people now has something of a romantic sheen to it.

We need to stop referring to the art of anything. We need to remove the manufactured mystique that surrounds what should be normal parts of our lives. Once we do that, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to step back. Maybe we’ll be able to understand what’s important. Maybe we’ll be able to enjoy the simpler things in life again.

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