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The Death of Project A

Several years ago, I had an idea for a book. That book had the working title Project A. Why? Well, everyone calls their secret projects Project X and I just wanted to be different. And Project A is the name of my favourite movie starring Jackie Chan.

Project A was meant to be a collection of essays about productivity, about simple living, about minimalism. I had a detailed outline and a number of chapters either written or partially written. But, for a variety of reasons, I was never able to finish that book.

Over the years, I tried to jump start the book but any number of things got in the way. The idea was sound, but Project A died on the vine.

The idea, though, didn’t. Go back and read the first sentence of the second paragraph in this post. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

A few months ago, I realized that Project A didn’t die. It just changed shape. Into this blog. It was, I finally understood, an idea whose time had finally come and in the form that it needed to be in.

The moral of this story? A good idea, one that you can’t get to immediately, doesn’t always have to die. Its time may come. And it may take a shape that you didn’t expect.

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