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Announcing my new ebook, Learning Markdown

The cover of the book Learning Markdown I’m pleased to share my new ebook, Learning Markdown, with you.

As I’ve written in this space a number of times over the years, Markdown is one of the keys to living the plain text life. More than that, Markdown lets you write rich content faster and with simple tools.

Learning Markdown teaches you how to quickly format content for the web. You’ll learn what I believe is the most efficient way to use Markdown. And unlike the various cheatsheets available online, this book explains the how and the why of using Markdown.

Learning Markdown takes you from the beginning — how to set up a page, how to format text, work with images and links and lists, and more. Each chapter ends with an exercise that gets you to use and build on what you’ve learned.

Want to learn more? You can do just that, and view the book’s table of contents, here. You can also grab a copy of Learning Markdown from:

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