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The Best App To Help You Stay Organized

A smartphone with a bunch of apps

Whether they’re coaching clients or folks I meet or work with, people constantly ask me some variation of this question: what’s the best app to help me stay organized? It’s definitely a loaded question. And anyone who asks it of me is surprised by my answer.

You won’t find that app on any smartphone or tablet.

You won’t find it on the web or on your computer.

In fact, that app isn’t an app at all. So, what’s going to help you stay organized?

Your focus.

Without that focus, no app or tool or service in the world will get you and keep you organized. Unless you have a plan, unless you stick to that plan every tool that you try is useless. Sticking to that plan involves, you guessed it, focus.

Instead of putting a large chunk of your time and energy into trying to find that perfect app or tool, work on developing your focus. To do that, you’ll have to:

  • Learn how to block out distractions
  • Move away from multitasking
  • Create small daily task lists
  • Do the work

It’s that simple. Then again, it isn’t. Building focus takes time. It takes effort. You’ll backslide. Once you’ve gained that focus, use productivity apps in the way they should be used: as a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

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