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Productivity For the Sake of Productivity

Running on a treadmill

Productivity isn’t about speed. It’s about being effective. It’s about accomplishing things — and that’s about the most important things, not the most things.

— Leo Babauta

I want to start 2016 off with that thought. And use that thought as one of the pegs on which to hang this blog throughout the year.

Productivity isn’t about spending all of your time doing something. People talk about quality of life, work/life balance, and all that. But few achieve a satisfactory level of either. Far too many people willingly jump on to the productivity treadmill — completing one task then moving on to the next one, ad infinitum. If not that, then they’re always on. Email. Instant messaging. Mobile phones. Twitter. Everything else. They’re constantly connected, waiting for that next hit of information. Like a junkie jonesing for a fix.

The mistake many people make is believing that they need to fill all their waking hours with something. That something could be work, tasks around the house, study, and so much more. They’re compelled to do that because if they aren’t, they seem to think they’re not living their lives to the fullest of their potential.

It’s not exactly a great way to live. I’d argue that it’s not living at all.

We need to step back and understand (or, in some cases, learn) what’s important in life. Productivity is all well and good, but it isn’t an end in itself. It’s only a means to an end.

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