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The Goal Behind Using Technology

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I think about that goal quite a bit, and I always come to the same conclusion: the goal of technology is to free up our time. Time to do important work, or time we use to relax and escape work.

Far too often, though, technology becomes an end in itself, not a means to an end. Often, using technology becomes a perverse arms race. We try to find newest, shiniest technology because we’ve heard it will transform our workflow or mystically boost our productivity.

Productivity isn’t about making technology the centre of your efforts, the centre of your life (working or otherwise).

Technology is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. It is, to a degree, an extension of yourself. You use technology to help make your processes, your workflows more efficient. You use the technology to help do your work.

Technology isn’t doing the work for you. You’re the prime mover. You’re the linchpin.

Think about this: you’d still be doing the work if the technology wasn’t there.

Technology is a convenience. Remember to treat it that way.

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