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A Quick Look at Four Task Managers for the Pebble Time

A smartwatch, though not a Pebble

As you might recall, I started using a Pebble Time smartwatch in late 2015. Since then, I’ve been trying to incorporate that watch into my work and my life.

Doing that meant trying out a number of watch apps. I dumped most of them, mainly because they either added unneeded overhead to my workflow or I just wasn’t using them.

One app that I’ve come to if not rely on then use quite often is a task manager. Sometimes, I just find it simpler to tap a few buttons on my watch to check my task list than to check it on my phone or computer.

If you use a Pebble smartwatch, you have several good options to choose from. Here’s a look at four task management apps for the Pebble . Each of them works with a popular online task management tool, giving you continuity across your devices.

Task Checker

Task Checker is the app I currently use. It works with Remember the Milk, and lets you view your tasks and either mark them as finished or postpone them.

That doesn’t seem like a lot, but for me that’s enough. When I build my task list, I do it from within Remember the Milk because it gives me a lot more flexibility — I can tag my tasks, add a due date, add notes, and more to them. Task Checker just helps me keep on top of my tasks.

Google Tasks for Pebble

I know a number of people who use Google Tasks because it’s simple and it’s integrated into Gmail and Google Calendar. Google Tasks for Pebble puts that simplicity on your wrist.

Like Task Checker, Google Tasks for Pebble is limited. You can see your tasks and mark them as done. You can also use the app to view notes associated with an app.

(If you’re interested in learning how to effectively use Google Tasks, read this post.)

Todoist Mini

While I’ve never fully understood the appeal of Todoist, I know more than a couple of people who swear by it. For folks like that, Todoist Mini is worth a look.

Todoist Mini has a few more features than the previous two task managers I discussed. It lets you view and complete tasks. On the Pebble Time, you can add tasks using the voice interface. Unlike many other task managers for the Pebble that I’ve tried, if the description of a task is long the text scrolls.


Wunderlist is another one of those tools I’ve never understood the appeal of. I guess it’s too much of a task list for me. But that’s not to say it’s a bad tool. It isn’t. It’s very good.

WunderPebble gives you another way to use Wunderlist. The app’s developer says All your lists and tasks organized exactly like Wunderlist. Nothing new to learn. You can see your tasks and any notes associated with them, and mark the tasks as complete. WunderPebble also supports Wunderlist Folders, which let you group similar task lists.

A Couple of Others Worth Mentioning

There are a number of other task managers for Pebble smartwatches. Many of them work with third-party services. But what if you only need a task list that lives on your watch? Take a look at these two:

TaskFlow is an extremely minimal task manager. You create your tasks on TaskFlow’s configuration page in the Pebble app on your phone. You can review your tasks, or mark them as completed, on your watch.

ToDoIt makes creating tasks lists simple: you can use your voice instead of typing on your phone.

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