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I'll Get To It Later

A day planner

No, you won’t.

No matter what it is that you want to do, you’ll never get around to it. Other things will get in the way. You’ll keep putting it off. Eventually, you’ll either forget about what you wanted to do or you’ll wonder why it was so important.

If something is important to you, if you’re passionate about it, if what you want to do is calling to you then there’s only one course of action. Do it. If not today, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then this week.

When something is important, you need to schedule it. You need to carve out time for it. Mark a date or series of dates in your calendar. Create a Someday/Definitely list. Do whatever you have to do.

Saying I’ll get to it later is an excuse to procrastinate. If you can’t get to something that’s important to you in the next six weeks, then forget about it. Move on to something else. Get your hands dirty doing something that you can and will tackle, rather than hoping to find time to do something that you never will.

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