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Getting (Back) Underway

Photo, from below, of a man's boot

Just before Christmas, 2015 a small cargo ship was docked at the wharf I can see from my apartment. That’s nothing unusual — Auckland is a fairly busy port and there’s a new cargo ship at that wharf every day or two.

This ship, however, had been there for about a week. It was listing noticeably to starboard and was venting water for what seemed like an entire afternoon.

One evening, before I turned in, I saw the boat illuminated by its running lights. It looked like it was ready to get underway. The next morning, however, it was still docked at the wharf, forlornly waiting for the chance to sail into wider waters.

Life can feel like that ship. Stuck in one spot, not being able to move forward or move on. And you can take only so much before you need to push on, to push forward.

Maybe that’s what 2017 should be for you: the year that you stand up to your inertia. To sidestep what’s holding you back.

Maybe, just maybe, 2017 is the year for you to push forward and get back underway.

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