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Just Because I Stop Using a Tool ...

A set of tools

Over the years, I’ve used a number of tools to organize myself and to do more than that. Many of those tools, I’ve either tuck with for years or have gone back to after a voluntary separation.

It never ceases to amaze me, though, when some people react in surprise and shock when I move away from a favourite, oft-used tool. They seem to think that I’ve realized something negative about the tool that they haven’t. A few have accused me of jumping on and off bandwagons or being fickle.

When I stop using a tool, it’s not a case of me being a cheerleader who stops cheerleading. It’s not (always) a case of me running into the supposed limitations of a tool. It’s not a case of me finding new Kool Aid to sip.

What is it, then? It’s me changing. It’s my needs changing. Nothing more.

It took me years of trial and much error to come up with a productivity system (if you want to call it that) that works for me. It’s taken almost as long to find the right kinds of tools that work for me and work within that system.

It’s taken a lot of experimentation to whittle down the tools I use to organize myself. As you might recall from a recent post, I use Todo.txt instead of Remember the Milk, Laverna instead of Simplenote, Nextcloud Calendar instead of Google Calendar, and Emacs with org-mode instead of WorkFlowy. That doesn’t mean I’ve soured on those (and other) tools I’ve used and liked in the past.

Far from it. Those tools just don’t suit my needs any longer. And I still recommend them. Why? Well, I’m definitely not getting paid to do that! Seriously, though, I recommend tools that I no longer use because they’re still good, solid, useful tools.

Remember that my choices and opinions shouldn’t determine your choices and your opinions. I’ve chosen to follow the simple path and to live my life in plain text. That doesn’t mean you need to. And that means whatever I no longer use might be suitable for you, even if it’s not for me any longer. And there’s only one way to find that out.

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