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As you’ve probably noticed, I mention more than a couple products — software, Web applications, books — in this space. I use (or have used) those products and, for the most part, I have no personal relationship with the people behind those products. Nor do I have any business relationship with the companies or individuals that produce those products.

You’ll notice that I wrote for the most part. In some cases I do get review copies of books from publishers. If I mention any books or software or even certain devices, the link will take you the publisher or manufacturer (or, in the case of some books, the author’s website). If you buy the item in question after following that link, I don’t get a referral fee.

That said, I’m not deluged with requests to review or endorse products. There’s not even a trickle of such requests, to be honest. Any products that I write about in this space I use and, in many cases, pay for out of my own pocket or PayPal account. I try to write about those products in as a critical and an unbiased manner as possible.

My thoughts and opinions are my own. They can’t be bought or rented.